BLANE HOWARD SINGING AT YOUR WEDDING!   You'll win a live performance by country artist, Blane Howard, of his hit single "Promise To Love Her" at your 2019 wedding!  Whether walking down the aisle or for your first dance at the reception, Blane will be there to sing it live!  Note:  this is "just" Blane and does not include his full band, however, you may inquire about upgrading to include the band for the one song, or to play at your reception!  Due to travel, Blane will more than likely sing with his instrumental only track of the single, which is also available on the music page of his website:  blanehoward.com/music


  1. All entries must be received by Dec. 25th, 2018.  
  2. The date of the wedding must be included in your submission and that date must be available on Blane's 2019 calendar at the time the winner is chosen.  Note: all booked shows may not be posted to the public yet, so just because your date may look available, does not mean there isn't something already booked or on hold!  
  3. The location of the wedding must be in the continental United States.  
  4. The winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of Blane Howard Music/Jawline Music Group and by any means they choose to decide the winner.  Note: This is a very difficult process as we know each and every one of you are deserving.  Last year we had over 750 submissions to read through.  A large portion of the decision is based on Blane's availability and has no direct reflection of the couple or their story.  We appreciate each and every one of you and your love for "Promise To Love Her."   
  5. Like & Follow Blane on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. 
  6. Sign up for Blane's email list, so you don't miss updates & announcements! Go to blanehoward.com/home and enter your email now!
  7. The winning couple must agree to share their videos & photos of the wedding where Blane is singing "Promise To Love Her" and agree to coordinate the moment with their hired photographers and videographers.  Note:  Blane Howard Music/Jawline Music Group and members of management may also choose to attend the event and take photos or shoot video of the moment.  Those photos and videos may be used by Blane Howard Music and management on artist's website, social media sites, or for advertising or promotional purposes. 
  8. Once the winners are announced, they will be asked to sign a contract with Blane Howard Music/Jawline Music Group, so that there are no misunderstandings on what will be provided by both parties. 
  9. Winning couple will be announced after the first of the year, on or around Jan 9th on Facebook Live!  We will be posting all updates on Facebook, as well as, emailing so be sure you're signed up and following! Note: We do apologize to our January brides, who may be getting married before the 9th.  This is a tough month for Blane's schedule! 
Ultimate "Promise To Love Her" Prize Package 2019 Downloadable file of Rules Of The Game. 17.3 KB